Today we have been learning about capacity and volume and thinking about the different between the two. To help us understand we had a race to see who could fill up a jug the quickest using a variety of containers. We learnt that the team with the biggest containers seemed to win because they could carry more water and that it was important not to spill any water on the way back.


Testwood Lakes

Last week we were lucky enough to go on our school trip to Testwood Lakes. We had a brilliant time and had lots of opportunities to look for minibeasts and their habitats. We heard the story of a mole looking for a new house and began to explore the site thinking about what a mole would be looking for.

During the day we had the opportunity to see like a squirrel and practice finding nuts we had hidden. We also walked like a mole without using our eyes and trying to work out what we were holding by using our sense of touch. Just before lunch we also learnt about how hedgehogs use an amazing adaptation to help them survive.

After lunch we learnt about what plants needed to survive and became minibeast detectives using a magnifying glass.

A Lovely Lunch

We have been working hard since the start of the year to earn ping-pong balls through excellent behaviour, work and other whole class achievements. At the start of the year, we voted on what we would like to do for a reward and the winning vote was to eat our hot dinners outside. We finally managed to fill our jar a few weeks ago and our original plan to eat our lunch outside was beaten by the weather, but today we managed to take our plates outside and enjoy some of the lovely weather we have been having.

The children all enjoyed themselves and are looking forward to filling our jar up again.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get pictures of everyone this time around, but hope to make up for it on our Testwood Lakes trip later this week!

An exciting week!

Last week we were lucky enough to have two exciting events on. On Thursday we went to Southampton Central Hall to listen to some brilliant music and on Friday we were treated to lots of snow!

The children loved the trip and could be seen clapping and thumping along, especially in their audience participation song when they were able to ‘bang, saw, thump & crash’ as well as anybody.

Please enjoy some of the pictures from these two events.

The Jolly Postman

Last week we came into the classroom and found a bag of letters on the floor and ripped pieces of paper around the classroom. We investigated the letters, envelopes and pieces and eventually managed to put all of the letters together.

We worked out that the bag belonged to the Jolly Postman and that he had lost his letters in the windy weather. The letters were addressed to The 3 Bears, Cinderella, Mr BB Wolf and a witch living in a gingerbread cottage. The children investigated these letters and thought about who might have sent them and why.

Times Table Challenge

We have sent the children home with the first set of addition facts as they start their times tables journey. At the moment, all children have the orange sheet requiring them to practise adding numbers to 10, but as we progress through the challenge your child may have different facts to their friends – if you are in any doubt, please pop in and see me.

The children will be tested on these number facts on a Thursday morning and will have a new fact sheet sent home on Thursday if necessary. At the moment we will be expecting the children to get 10/10 on the questions  before we move them to the next level, although this may change. If your child does not score 10/10, they will bring the test sheet home with them so that you can see where they struggled and provide support at home. If your child successfully gets 10/10 they will be deemed to have passed that stage and will be coming home with a different coloured piece of paper with new facts to learn.

Our first test will be on Thursday 17th January, in order to give the children enough time to practise.

Thank you for your continued support with this and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come and see me.


Help the 3 Little Pigs!

On Tuesday (11th December) we will be building houses for the 3 Little Pigs as part of our DT and Science unit on Materials. The children have designed their house and have thought of the materials they will need to build it.

We have thought about the benefits of using strong materials like cardboard instead of weak materials like paper and also thought about how to make our house waterproof.

After a day of making on Tuesday, we will be testing how strong and waterproof our houses are.

The children will need to provide their own resources so if you can help them to collect materials over the weekend it would be much appreciated. Be as creative as you like but we have spoken about materials including: cardboard, kitchen roll / toilet roll tubes, clingfilm, tin foil, plastic bags, elastic bands, etc. Please don’t feel like you need to buy anything especially, just use what you can find around the home.

I will provide all sellotape and glue required on the day.

Happy hunting! 3 Little Pigs

Samuel Pepys

Last week, Samuel Pepys decided to drop into Halterworth on his way to Portsmouth to survey the King’s navy. He heard about Year 1 learning all about the Great Fire of London and decided to pop in to tell us more about life during the Great Fire of 1666.

We learnt more about his family, friends, how the fire started and how at the time, most people thought it was started by the French which was why no one helped to put it out at first. We looked at a map of London and saw how much was damaged by the fire as well as seeing how Samuel Pepys wrote in his diary and learnt about how the ink was actually made.

The children asked lots of sensible questions and were amazed to see that Samuel Pepys wore a wig, and even more so to learn that it was considered fashionable at the time as the king had one!

Firefighters for the day

On Tuesday, we were fortunate enough to have Hampshire Fire Service come to talk to us about the risks of smoke and fires. This fits really nicely into our topic for this half term as we will be leaning all about the Great Fire of London.

We were able to go inside the Fire Engine and had a go at driving to an emergency in Southampton before jumping out and using the hose to tackle the fire.

The children asked lots of great questions and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

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